'Love & Highways'
"...on his new album Love & Highways he’s managed to capture the often elusive mysterious country/roots music vibe that’s been mined to great effect by T Bone Burnett.....these songs are honest and telling due to a total lack of pretension or insincerity."
Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine (Canada)

"Last fall's echo-y Roots Canadiana classic,  Love & Highwaysby String Bone (AKA Barry James Payne), has been creeping into the Orbital flight pattern lately, by the grace of an anthem-level tune called Where Do You Go.
Calling for alliances of flesh and philosophy throughout the album, ("Let's go out and change the world / feel the power of your love"), this singular song stands out as a stark and lonesome summons to kindred spirits lost in the frosty circumstances of larger political developments. Feeling that?"
Paul Corby, Corby's Orbit, Radio Regent (Canada)

"taking the long way home at 5am cause you don't want to stop listening"
JiveWired (USA)

“Gordon Lightfoot and Lucinda Williams’ lovechild?
....if the alt.country stalwarts do it for you, with an added Lightfoot touch, then this is worth checking out.”

Patrick Wilkins, Americana-UK, (UK)

Americana to the bone, Canadiana in the heart & soul.
String Bone is the brain and soulchild of Canadian singer-songwriter Barry James Payne. Starting from the singularly fertile soils of Payne’s native Southwestern Ontario, String Bone takes audiences on a journey of landscapes and emotions to the hardscrabble coalmines and plains of Americana, with a detour to the lush green hills of the British Isles. Lovers of alt-country, blues, folk, pop, rock and other contemporary and traditional elements will all feel welcome and at home on the String Bone wagon.


String Bone Presents! Concert Series 

Feb. 25, 2017 - 9:00am

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping in. Just getting my day going and feeling energized today. Rant Maggie Rant has a 12 noon rehearsal that I have to prepare for, but first coffee!

As many of you know, one of my loves in music is presenting artists at my concert series String Bone Presents!

This morning, I'm thinking about the amazing Alysha Brilla who last night performed at my concert series here in beautiful Stratford, ON, Canada. Now, I've been to hundreds of shows over the years and…Read more
Norderstedt/Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Peter Scheibner

Norderstedt/Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Peter Scheibner

Standing in Rock 'n' Roll doorway. Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Peter Scheibner

Standing in Rock 'n' Roll doorway. Hamburg, Germany. Photo: Peter Scheibner

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Photo: Sarah Hallman

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Photo: Sarah Hallman


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